Transfer Course Equivalency Disclaimer:

The information displayed below is unofficial and is provided as a convenience for current and prospective students. Course equivalent information is subject to revision without notice and should not be considered a guarantee of transfer credit equivalencies.

Group Codes

Transfer courses with a Group Code (indicated in the far left column of the table) indicate that two or more transfer courses must be taken together to earn a USC equivalent. Please note that you must take all courses within a group to receive the designated USC equivalent.


The presence of an "And" within an equivalency indicates that incoming transfer courses(s) equate to more than one USC course. In these cases, students will receive all USC courses listed in the equivalent.

The presence of an "Or" indicates that an incoming course may have multiple possible equivalents, but students will receive only one (selection determined by the individual student's degree program). Contact if you have questions about your course choice.

Can't Find Your Course?

If a course does not appear in the tables below it has not yet been evaluated. If you do not see a course here, please contact for guidance on submitting transfer coursework for review and consideration.